MASTERFORMER 2.0 is comfortable as the impulse is reached by consecutive irritation and without any „stitches“. Therefore MASTERFORMER 2.0 can be applied in a simple and comfortable way. The advanced technology of MASTERFORMER 2.0 enables a maximum stream based on low frequency. MASTERFORMER 2.0 is effective as the electrodes provide a maximum of energy by lowest intensity. The reports recorded show the steps of conventional training. (warm up, training, regeneration)

NEW: wireless appliance of the MASTERFORMER 2.0 by an app on a tablet. Ten separate exits trough miniature transformers. MASTERFORMER 2.0 is a system corresponding to the highest demand of security. It carries the CE symbol for highest electrical security and low frequency.


The high technology of MASTERFORMER 2.0 has designed a suit carrying electrodes at strategically important places. This enables a pure, deep and intense muscle tension. The suit disposes of high quality electrodes to guarantee the best customer service. The suit is produced and odorless characteristics.

The suit can be put on easily and quickly and is also available in different sizes. It also offers both, comfort and liberty of action but also hygiene, as it is washable after every workout. ced of an high quality microfi ber with antibacterial


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